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  • May 14th, 2004 at Loudoun County hospital in Leesburg Virginia at 12:43pm EST. 
  • She weighed in at 6lbs 13oz (or about 3Kg)
  • She was 20 inches long

My parents are so happy to finally see me, I like them too.


I've have just had my first bath


I spent 39 weeks growing in my mommys tummy from beginning to end, the doctors were going to make me come on Sunday but I like Fridays better. 

You can look at all my first moments here <low_res > <high_res>.  The low res look fine on the screen but if you want to print then load up the high_res image.  If you want even better quality for 5x7 or larger you should send my Dad an email and ask for the super high resolution image.

If you want to see me moving or here me then you should watch my movie, they might take a little time to load so be patient until it loads up.

Well that's it for now...Check back every now and then I am sure my parents will write more about me.


By for now,