From: P&H Hyland []
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2004 1:51 PM
Subject: Congratulations Oldest Nephew
Dear Wayne:
I found your website a couple of days ago while googling.  Then Jenny let me know she had received your message that Isabelle had arrived.
Congratulations.  I hope she has your energy and inquisitive mind and I hope she has Jeannie's vivaciousness and contentment.
I hope Gizmo welcomes her with as much enthusiasm as her parents.
May Isabelle tend to sleep through the nights and charm everyone in the daytime.  I wish her a long healthy, happy life.  I can see she is going to have a lot of love.
We are all well here.  Phil has been out this morning running the Mississauaga Marathon and I was able to intersect the course three times to cheer him and his friends on.
Jenny is now in between 2nd and 3rd year university at Guelph.  She is studying  philosophy and is loving it.  She has coffee from time to time with your Dad and enjoys their chats.  I think he likes seeing her too.  Jenny acquired a hamster in January.  Jenny's email  the_angel_child@hotmail is valid and she does use the msn chat line.
Sam has just finished  his Batchelor's degree in Software Engineering ad MacMaster.  He is looking for work but has a short term contract  position with Tekmart  which is run by his fiance's uncle. He is getting married in August and I think he will be glad when the wedding is in the past.  Sam and Laura have two budgies and a golden retriever.  Sam's email is  He is also still using but that is his university email and I don't know when they will cancel it.
Again, congratulations to you and Jeannie.  Lots of Love,