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Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 12:11 AM
To: 'Wayne Ramprashd '
Subject: RE: Baby Isabelle Mei Ramprashad Update

Congratulations guys! 

Isabelle is SOO cute!   I dare not show jacquie these pictures for fear that it will give her some ideas that I am not yet prepared for her to have.

I am planning a trip to Washington in Sept...I will be sure to visit you guys.


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Subject: Baby Isabelle Mei Ramprashad Update

Hey Everyone this is Isabelle you know the new daughter of Jeannie and

I thought I would send a slightly better email than the one my Daddy
Wayne sent from his little Barbie Laptop he calls a two way pager.

First please forgive Wayne for spelling my name incorrectly, although he
named me after the Hurricane last August he forgot that he agreed to
change the spelling of my name to the French version in hope that my
temper would not be like a Hurricane, but as he is finding out that did
not work. Ha ha ha...

Mei is my middle name and is pronounced like the word May, but Mei is
the Chinese word for a beautiful flower like me ;)

I was born on Friday Afternoon May 14th, at 12:43pm in the Loudoun
County Birthing Inn.  I weighed in at a healthy 6lbs 13 ounces or 6Kg
and 33grams for you Canadian folks.  Since I cannot stand up yet they
measured me in length not height and I am 20 inches long.

Here is a few pictures of me.  This is the first time my Mommy held me.


Our first family picture!  I'm already the centre of attention ;)


And warming up under the heat lamp after my first bath.  I did not
really like the bath very much.


I was pretty nice to my Mommy as Labor went smoothly.  I was born five
hours after arriving at the hospital under my own steam.  I went home to
my new home on Sunday morning just before noon.  I met my big sister
Gismo the cat but she does not know what to make of me just yet.

If you want to see more pictures and a couple of short movies of my
first few moments you can look at my website.

Thanks to all the nice people that sent their Congratulations and Kudos
to my Mom and Dad.  I can't wait to meet you all one day soon.

By for now,

Isabelle Mei Ramprashad

P.S.  I would like to give a special thanks to Melanie C. for all the
help you have given my parents over the past few months all your advice
and help is very very appreciated.  Thanks.