Wailua Falls

A beautiful waterfall 80-foot high. There supposes to be a trail leading to the buttom of the pool below the falls. We tried to get there by following the instruction in the guidebook but I believe the instruction was wrong. It told us to take the trail 3/10 mile back down the road from the end of the turn-around, where the Wailua Falls lookout was. The trail was fairly steep and we saw another waterfall as we were hiking down the hill. The trail ran out as soon as we got to the stream at the bottom. We didn't want to give up so we continued to go upstream by climbing the rocks on the side the river. Well this was not easy. The rocks were slippery as there was moss growing on them. Sometimes the rocks were so far apart that we had to climb onto the tree roots. This was worse than the hiking for the Ho'opi'i Falls in the afternoon. Doing this for 3/10 of a mile would be insane. We gave up after about 100 yards.

After we climbed back up, we drove back to the Wailua Falls lookout. We had a feeling that there was a trail near the lookout and we were right. We saw a couple of locals came out of a trail and they told us they just went to the pool below the Wailua Falls.  It was getting dark so the Jacuzzi in the hotel sounded like a better place to go.





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