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Welcome to MyLists the essential program for your WebOS device (Palm Pre or Palm Pixi) to manage all your day to day information. You'll never forget a Birthday, a Bill, a Credit Card number, who you lent your favorite DVD to, or anything important again. MyLists lets you create your own lists and add as many items as you want(Lite version is limited to 20 items).

MyLists comes installed with several sample lists that will get you started right away. Once you are familiar with MyLists you will be creating your own lists in no time. There is no limit to the number of lists you can create. MyLists is very powerful, but is designed to be simple and easy to use which is our philosophy, after all Less Is More (LIM Software).

MyList Editions

MyLists currently comes in two different editions: the 100% free Lite edition and the Pro edition. Upgrading from Lite to Pro can be done any time and does not require any re-entering of data. Simply install the Pro' version on your device. Do not uninstall the Lite edition when upgrading to Pro. Doing so will delete all your data.

The only difference between Lite and Pro is the amount of data you can store. Lite is fully functional otherwise.

MyLists Pro (Version: 1.0.32 09/2011)

Click Here to Purchase and Install

  • import and export your lists to Google Spreadsheets
  • unlimited number of lists
  • unlimited data entry
  • select what is displayed
  • assign icons to your lists
  • sort your data by content or size
  • hidden fields for privacy
  • persistent sort
  • predefined data types
    • Text
    • Numeric
    • Priority
    • Date
    • Time

MyLists Lite (Version: 1.0.32 09/2011)

Installation : Click here to install now

  • export to Google Spreadsheets
  • unlimited number of lists
  • data entry limited to 20 entries
  • select what is displayed
  • assign icons to your lists
  • sort your data by content or size
  • hidden fields for privacy
  • persistent sort
  • predefined data types
    • Text
    • Numeric
    • Priority
    • Date
    • Time

How To

Just dive in and start using MyLists. Here are a few tips that should help you become a power user in no time.

Back up your Database for Safekeeping

Upgrade and Migrate your Lists

Upgrading is now easier than before with our migration assistant.

Upgrade from the Lite version to the Pro version

Menus and Symbols

There is a small gear on the top right hand side of the screen Options.png, use it to enable a floating menu

  • Home Screen
    • Sort by List name - you can move the lists around to any order you like, but at any time you can sort the list by selecting this option
    • Sort by Item count - sort the list of lists by the number of entries you have entered
  • List Screen
    • Rename this list - don't like the name of the list, no problem use this to change the name
    • Change Icon - you can change the icon displayed in the list header by choosing one from this menu
    • Manage fields - change the order of the fields, insert new fields, delete fields. Note existing data will not be harmed.
    • Sort by ... - select what fields you want to sort by. You can add and remove later so don't worry about which ones you pick

Create and Manage Lists


How to create and manage lists

Create a List

From the main menu just select the + (plus sign), this will take you to the create Lists screen

  • type in the name of your list

Next in the Fields Section

  • select the + sign to add fields
    • Enter your field name (it is like a column in Excel)
      • Select your data type(Text, Numeric, 0-10, Date or Time)
      • If you want it to be sortable then check the Sorting Field
      • Hide : use this for data you dont want people to see by accident
    • Done.
  • Continue this until you have created all the fields you want. Don't worry you can come back any time and add/delete/change these fields

Create and Edit List Entries


How to create and manage list entries with some images for examples

In case a date needs to be set to value outside the range 1900-2099, you can temporarily change the field type to TEXT and edit the date in YYYY-MM-DD format. After editing the type can be set back to DATE if desired.

Installation Upgrade from Lite to Pro

  • Do not uninstall MyLists if you do you will delete all your data. There is no way to recover the data if you do.
  • To upgrade just install the Pro version along side the Lite version. Then use the data migration assistant tool to move your data. This will ensure all your data is preserved.

Known Issues/Limitations

  • MyLists Lite is limited to 20 items, upgrade to Entry/Pro Version required
  • MyLists Entry will be limited to 50 items, upgrade to Pro Version required
  • URLs must be preceded by http:// or https:// in order to hotlink
  • Uninstalling the application deletes all the data
  • There is no password protection of fields or lists

Sample Lists

  • My Birthdays
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date
    • Gift
  • My Credit Cards
    • Type
    • Expiration Date
    • Holder
    • Number
    • Security Code
    • Customer Service
  • My ID Cards
    • Type
    • ID
    • Expiration Date
    • Notes
    • Customer Service
  • My Passwords
    • Account
    • Username
    • Password
  • My To Do List
    • Task
    • Priority
    • Deadline
  • My Websites
    • Website
    • URL
  • My Restaurants
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Address
    • Cuisine
  • My Blood Pressure
    • Date
    • Time
    • Systolic
    • Diastolic
    • Location/Notes
  • My Music
    • Artist
    • Album
    • Song Title
    • Where
  • My Movies
    • Movie Title
    • Date
    • Borrowed from
    • Lent to
  • My Things to Remember
    • Description
    • Date
    • Because
  • My Frequent Flyer Numbers
    • Program
    • Number
    • Expiration Date
  • My Weight
    • Weight
    • Date
  • My Stocks
    • Company
    • Ticker
    • Price
    • Qty
    • Action
    • Notes

About MyLists and Help


The help screen has both an email address and a phone number you can use for help with the application. They are easily launched from the application.

Future MyLists Releases

  • User defined data types
  • Password protection
  • Checkbox Fields
  • Multi Sort
  • Filters and Search
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