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DTA Development Team Roles and Responsibilties


The standard SCRUM definitions apply the information below is specifics to our implementation.

  • Scrumaster
    • Will dilligently determine the impediments affecting the team and work to resolve them. Where needed this person will escalate outside of the team as required to remove impediment.
    • Will ensure that tasks are worked on in the order of agreed priority
    • Will manage and ensure the burn down chart is accurate and up to date
    • Will organize the team on a daily fashion to ensure everyone is focused on tasks at hand
  • Project Manager
    • Will maintian the long term planning of the team
    • Will ensure the product roadmap is in order and completing as required by the Customer
    • Will use the velocity reported by the Scrummaster to determine long term estimates of product delivery
    • Will manage all date driven activities
    • Will provide all outward facing reporting and status needs
  • Scrum of Scrums Leader
    • Will meet with all Scrummasters on daily basis and ensure inter/intra team communications are effective
    • Will handle all outside impediments and ensure any needed escalations are addressed
    • Will manage external facing issues
    • Will provide status and reporting to Overal Project Manager
    • Will measure the velocity of teams and assist in Product Roadmap planning
  • Architecture Lead
    • Responsible for the internal Architecture and design of the product
    • Responsible for the forward thinking of the product to meet Customer future needs
    • Responsible for maintianing the Architecureal debt backlog (major refactors)
  • Development Lead
    • Responsible for the implementation of the Archiecture
    • Mentoring Junior Developers
    • Ensure that all developers are working in a consisten fashion and ensure that best practices are used
    • Responsible for maintaining the technical debt backlog (bugs, hacks, etc)
  • Product Owner
    • Translates the business requirements into product features at a non technical level
    • understands the Customer needs and translates into product features
    • Prioritizes the Product Backlog
    • Works with the Product Sponsor, Project Manager to create the Product Road map
  • QA Lead
    • Ensures the Quality Assurance of all aspects of the team
    • Ensures test cases are created prior to development
    • Defines the test cases
    • Ensures Test Data is valid
    • Has Veto right for code deployment
  • Miracle Workers
    • The most important people on the team
    • These are the people that do what it takes to construct the product
    • Contribute to the Product Back log via Product Owner
    • Contribute to the Architecureal Backlog via the Architect
    • Contribute to the Technical Debt Backlog via Lead Developer
    • Validate test cases with QA
    • Validate the Architecture and provide feed back as needed
    • Provide estimates of tasks they take ownership of to ScrumMaster

Scrum of Scrums Leader

  • Brian Mart

Team VUI

  • Scrumaster
    • Frederick
  • Dev and Architecture Lead
    • Dan Sulzinski
  • Product Owner
    • Joe
  • QA Lead
    • Afir
  • Project Manager
    • Bob Pitas
  • Miracle Workers
    • Mamoud
    • Bart
    • Gorm

Team DAS

  • Scrumaster
    • Jim Bedenbaugh
  • Architecture Lead
    • Jim Bedenbaugh
  • Dev Lead
    • Blake Dunn
  • Product Owner
    • Jim Bedenbaugh
  • QA Lead
    • Alvin
  • Project Manager
    • Gary Schwinn
  • Miracle Workers
    • Bharat
    • Kyle Knapp
    • Josh
    • Chris Samuel

Customers: Defn: Customers are people that will be able to request features of your product. They will have the ability to add features to your product backlog and prioritize the work.


  • Team VUI
    • Dan Sulzinski
  • Team DTMF
    • David Morris
  • .COM
    • Jason Taylor
  • 800 Comcast IVR
    • David Morris
  • Businiss Services IVR
    • Brian Mart
  • North Central Division
    • TBD
  • Southern Division
    • Mike Young
  • Eastern Division
    • Jim Donato
  • Reporting
    • Rob Coupe


  • DTA
    • Nicole Anderson NCO
    • Adnan Choudry
    • Wayne Ramprashad
    • Rob Coupe
    • Comcast Customers
    • Comcast CAEs
  • NFL
    • Heather Lyons
    • Nancy Lowe
    • Wayne Ramprasahd
    • Comcast Customers
    • Comcast CAEs
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