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2008 November

2008 October

  • Took Isabelle to Disneyland in FLA, she had a blast.

2008 September

  • Odd month, had some sort of nerve problem that lit up my entire right side. Very painful, took a lot to just keep going. Went to the doctor got some steroids they helped I think.
  • Went to CA to do some public speaking and sit on a panel of experts

2008 August


  • I love this car, it even responds to my voice! I am gonna have to read the instructions for sure
  • Learned how to set GPS to find home, track up and auto lock the doors.
  • Is senses your proximity to the car and locks and unlocks itself
  • Some progress on the house was made today.


  • Ok so I got rid of that stupid German Car today, I traded it in for a 2007 Corvette Convertible. I have to say the car is absolutely amazing! So far it seems to get better MPG than the Z4 did. I found the car at Bellavia Chevrolet in East Rutherford NJ, which as it turns out is just across the river from Manhatten Island. Right next to the Giants' statium or Lincoln Tunnel. Put a few hundred miles on the car already, so here is what is awesome:
    • The sheer power
    • Color
    • Seats are very comfortable, yet supportive
    • MagRide really works
    • HUD is great but the fact that just about everything integrates into it just blows me away. The GPS directions pop up on the screen, the radio changes, G-force into the turns. To name a few. Frankly all cars should have this you dont take your eyes off the road ever now!
    • The sound system is really good, I have not tried a CD yet but if the radio sounds this good well it will only be better. This is at least 10X better than the premium stereo in the BMW. Radio range seems really good as welll.
    • Electronic doors are cool, almost as cool as the door poppers on the Monte, well maybe even more cool
    • the ride is smooth and in control, not jarring and twitchy like the BMR
    • Visibility is great compared to the Z4, it had so many blind spots backing up was almost impossible
    • I have not really tried out the Paddle shift yet but we will see.
    • DVD Nav works very well, voice is clear and integrated into the stereo
    • Pushbutton start is nice, but now there is no where to put the keys?
    • Headlights light up the road unlike the Z4 which gives you only about 1.5 car lengths in front of you
    • 640-sideshot.jpg

2008 July


  • Sunday, funday, took Isabelle to see a movie this afternoon. SpaceChimps, she really liked it. Have to say it was pretty good, even though it got a score of three stars from google.
  • Trenched out the drains for the eves trough yesterday and today.

2008-07-27-004.jpg_t.jpg 2008-07-27-005.jpg_t.jpg

  • Front of the house starting to take shape, the dormers are gone, new shingles are up.

2008-07-27-003.jpg_t.jpg 2008-07-27-002.jpg_t.jpg 2008-07-27-001.jpg_t.jpg 2008-07-27-011.jpg_t.jpg


  • Whew today was hot! A little over 100F, we signed up for a membership at the local YM/YWCA. Switched into our bathing suits, and headed to the outdoor pool. There were 3 of them. We went for the kiddie pool of course. 5 mins sitting down and the close the pool as someone dumped in thier pants. We went off to the bigger pool. After about 30 mins of coaxing Isabelle finally went in. She got to really like it and had a blast. We went out to dinner, then home just in time too, cause the skies opend up and a huge thunder storm blew through.
  • Totally stoked saw 4 of the new Dodge Challengers today. Man I reall want to buy one! But at 13mpg you have to think a little.... The Corvette gets nearly double that and I can get one 10K cheaper.



  • Traumatic day for Isabelle to day, went to the dentist to have a filling put in. They sedated her but she still managed to fight like the dickens even while in a papoose (nice name for a straight jacket). She fought so hard she popped blood vessles around her eyes. Her cheeks are swollen like a chipmunk and her smile is crooked.
  • Keith and Elaine left for Toronto, the visit is over.
  • One of my contractors called me saying the engine on his jet lost power and they had to do an emergency landing. Fire trucks everywhere. He was freaking out a little. Hope he does not get a fear of flying over the weekend.


  • Keith and Elaine came to visit from Toronto, we all went out for dinner.


  • No progress on the construction today, lots of rain and the basement did not get wet. So we are headed in the right direction
  • Contrast the change in the front of the house 2008-06-12-020.jpg_t.jpg to 2008-07-03-004.jpg_t.jpg
  • Contrast the new roofing shingles [Gallery ]2008-07-03-001.jpg_t.jpg


  • Sent in the 3rd Radon Test, hope this one comes out better

2008 June


  • We went to Ocean City, NJ for the day with our friends Steve and Marie-Claude from Ottawa, Ontario. The beach was really nice, felt like a vacation spot. Not bad for an hour and a half drive
  • Isabelle put on a show at a restaurent and actually had people give her some money. I hope this is not the beginning of a trend.


  • Been are really busy week, no time to document much but here are the highlights to remember
    • House construction still progressing, much slower, and more costly as we find the structure to be in worse condition each time
    • Got the replacement filter for the furnace its installed lets see if that helps
    • Isabelle went to the doctor for her 4 yr physical. Got two shots. Perfect health. Good eyes, ears etc. She is in the 20th percentile so it means she is a little small, but hey thats good for a girl.
    • Work is crushing me, not sure how much longer I can work 18 hour days.
    • Looking forward to July 4th with our Friends.


  • So damn it my computer crashed 2x today, it almost never happens. I should have known to save all that wonderful text on Inertia. Well back to the drawing board.
  • The crew tore off the soffit today, and the frames around the windows. The wood underneath is pretty rotten. Add that to the list of repairs. Ack.
  • Turns out Isabelle does not have school tomorrow so we are gonna try the baby sitter thing. I set up the [nanny cam] to watch.
  • Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, should I expect good things?


  • Started to type in the book in my head today, I'll be posting it somewhere here is the plan. Book name "Inertia"


  • Another scorcher of a day. Contractors dropped off some more tools.
  • I tried to reconfigure the furnace vents to push some more cold air up to the top floor. Lets see how that works out.


  • Holy crap it was hot today! OVer 100F, that is three days in a row. Well now we know the AC in the house does not reach the top floor very well. We either need to put some inline boosters or make some changes to the venting in the house. I have the furnace running non stop and yet the upstairs is around 80F and downstairs is about 71F.
  • John Grimly did not set up the scaffolding today because of the heat, they dropped off some ladders to begin tomorrow. But if it this hot tomorrow I suspect they cant work then either. On the bright side it is helping dry out the basement. I still need to take some pictures down there.


  • spent the entire day cleaning the basement after the construction. Dust, dirt and debris everwhere, not to mention the rest of the house.
  • Found a baby sitter for Isabelle, her name is Sara and seems to get along well with her.
  • We went to see KungFu Panda at the Imax today. Isabelle really liked it.



  • Isabelle went to the dentist today. She is not a fan of the dentist that is for sure. Will be less of a fan now that she has two more cavities. I don't know what we are doing wrong she brushes her teeth 2x a day and yet she has more cavities at 4 years old than I do at 40+. At least now days they sedate the kid so she will not be traumatized for life.
  • Rightway basement came back to day to touch up the things they missed. Seems like an ok job. The basement is trashed though. Pictures to come.
  • Started the process to get my motorcyle license back today. Looks like it will cost $5.40 and some letters and forms. Hope this works cause with the gas prices my motorcycle is begging to be ridden again.
  • Interviewed a girl today for a babysitting job on the weekends for Isabelle. Keep her occupied while Jeannie and I run errands. Sad isn't it.


  • Brightway basement repiars came today. Jack hammers in hand and started to tear out the basement walls, floors and appliances. Lots of pictures to come. The cemement is not as deep as I thought only about 3 inches is my guess. When the jackhammer started pounding on the floor many more cracks just started racing across the floor.


  • John pulled up the hardwood floor today. It was quite disgusting. The floor was very rotten and worse underneath than we had imagined. Many years of neglect and leaks are evident. Add this to the list of things to do. The floor needs another 3 inches of cement poured then a tiled floor. The brick work along the wall is also dammaged so that will need to be done as well.
  • John is not reccomending we cut out and down for the eves down spouts as well.
  • The house is filled with sawdust, lots of cleaning this weekend for sure.


  • Jeannies frien Kevin came to visit today. Had an interesting idea for a company. Going to think about it some more. We bought 300lbs of sand for Isabelle's sand box.

2008 - May


  • Company arranged paint ball game today. Not to far from the house, took about 25 mins to get there. I have never played or even held a gun even if only a paint ball gun. Get there and there are all these guys full on camo, crazy looking guns, all sorts of packs attached to ther chest, legs, and back. Walk up the long hill to the entrance and at the top is Brick Sturner the guy that arranged it all. Waving people around, seems like the experiences way outnumber the inexperianced. Well I am here so lets go for it. Find 2 other guys that have no clue what they are doing. We are easy to spot. We get our stuff, decide to get Camo as well, but only to keep our actual clothes clean, pretty sure we will be easy "kills" as they say.
  • Game 1 : I last about 15 seconds, dont even get a shot off. Well the only shot I got off was when i was about to walk out to the field and i picked up the gun wrong and accidentally shot the rifle with the safty on. Made a bit of a mess in the barrel.
  • Game 2 : This was interesting because the skies opened up and it started to pour with rain. Very hard rain as well. I run out into the field hide behind a rock, start shooting and get shot from the side. I lasted a good 45 seconds this time. The game takes about 10 mins total.
  • Game 3 : We had to wait a while for this game becase the lightning had to stop. This was a capture the flag sort of game. Lasted much longer, jumped from rock to rock and tree to tree. I saw Paul Roach off in the distance tried hard to shoot him but was out of range. He was trying to go to the side and come around me so I had to push forward. I figured I would get inside the helicopter and take a sniper position. I manage to get right up the the helicopter, and then about to jump inside and there is already a guy inside. Your Dead! Maybe I lasted 3 mins this time.
  • Game 4: Teamed up with Edna, experianced player, brought like 4 guns with her. We took a position but got pinned down. I decide to make a move and try to get the guy in the bunker. Run for a tree, take position. Get shot from the side by a guy hiding in the bushes. I probably got about 50 shots off this time. Seems like the more you run the faster you die.
  • Game 5: Had to switch teams because many of the gray players had left and the teams were unbalanced. Starting to dry off a little as well. Teamed up with Paul. We ran full speed hid behind a rock but the other guys ran much faster cause we got hit about 6 times at once.
  • Game 6: The Castle. This game I stayed really low, moved much slower, kept pushing forward. Got to a position where I could see three guys. But I could never hit "kill" them. Either I missed or the bullets did not break. Had to get closer, got closer took a few shots, got killed. Lasted a good 10 mins this time.
  • Game 7: The Castle again. This time we are inside the castle. Took up a good postion. Pretty sure I got a kill as I hit a guy in the mask. I shot Brick twice in the chest as he was just standing infront of the castle throwing smoke bombs into the castle, but the bullets just bounced off of him. Lots of guys shooting at us, it was pretty intense. I took one in the head as i popped up to look out. Game over.
  • Well this is enough for me for one day so time to pack up and head home. It was a lot of fun but not sure if this is something I would do often if ever again. It gets quite expensive really quick.


  • Basement will begin mold remediation and waterproofing on Tuesday. The basement floor will be ripped up and piled out in the back yard starting tomorrow.
  • Funny thing happend today, runnng for the train I somehow forgot there is glass security bars that open as you walk towards them. Well I was late for the train running full speed the person in front of me had just walked through. None other than our SVP, who thinks I am a little insane already. Gate was still open I come running full speed and just as i get there the gate closes. I slam into it smashing my knees into the glass and nearly doing a face plant. Rick spins around and asks are you ok. Of course you answer yes and keep running... slower and slower of course as the pain sets it. I make the train, sit down and watch my knee and shin turn purple.


  • We made the first payment towards having our roof, gutters, drainage, and some other structural repairs made. Construction will be begin late next week. Tomorrow I will call the basement people and ask them to start on Tuesday.


  • Project Basement continues to progress. We had a quote to repair the basement today from Xxxxx basements. They believe the crack in the basement floor is over 65 feet long and as such nned to rip up the entire basement hardwood floor. It will cost a little over 1K to rip out, then .8K to fix the crack. I have not even tried to estimate the cost to replace the floor as yet. My guess is at least 5X that amount.
  • Heard back from IBM today they want us to expert witness for DT6K. I was actually hoping this would not happen as finding another 26hours a week is not going to be easy.


  • What a day is all can be said. It started out really nice, we got up it was a great sunny morning. We had a person by the name of Patrick scheduled to come over at 9:30 to help with the weekend chores around the house.
  • Started on the assembly of the lawnmower, was a bit more to the assembly that I expected but still not bad. About half way through Jeannie comes outside with a rather horrified look on her face and says. You need to come and see this! You are not going to believe what you see. She walks me into the house towards the laundry room I have no idea what to expect. Well then I see it. There is a river of black and brown sludge down the hallway into the second kitchen and into the laundry room. It smells like sewege! I look into the bathroom and there is a small volcano of black sludge pumping up from the toilet. It is lifting the lid there is so much flow. I'm like where is the plunger? Jeannies says I have no clue probably in one of the boxes we have yet to unpack. Meanwhile how do we stop this flow of shit and stuff? So after a few mins it stops, and there are gallons and gallons of this all over the place. Were gonna need a plumber for sure. Either the city sewer has backed up or our house has? Either way it aint pretty. I call my friend John, he says likley the sewer out to the street has clogged because the house was empty for so long and now with more volume it has backed up. He will call is plumber friend and see if he can come out but today will be tough because it is a holiday.
  • A little later John calls back, no help until the next day. We call Rotor Rooter, they say they will come and in about an hour. Well time to start the clean up process. I grab a dustpan and a squeege and start scooping this sludge into a bucket. Each time I fill the 5 gallon bucket I take it to the back yard and dump it in the bushes.
  • Rotor Rooter comes out,


  • Went out to Home Depot today and bought a Toro Personal Pace 22" lawnmower. Home Depot had a 10% off everything you purchase if you get a Credit Card. So I figured what the heck that is $35 so I'll get the card save the $ then cancel the card. Well I needed some other stuff so went on a buying spree and bought a Ryobi 2-Cycle Brush Cutter and the Blower, Edger, and lawn trimmer attachments. Then add to that a couple of bottles of 2-cycle oil, extra line, and 4 cycle oil for the lawn mower and you have a bill for $667. Saved me $66 bucks. Not bad and since everything was already on a Memorial Day weekend sale I feel pretty good about my purchases.
  • 6ea0507c-63f3-4875-9825-cd07f234d5d0_300.jpg 2d4544a8-f778-42f4-957f-ea26eaf55f63_300.jpg


  • Today was a strange day. Today we were in Ashburn VA, visiting our good friends the Cruickshanks, but we were also here to do some minor adjustments to our house we have just put under contract.
    • The home inspection came back stating they wanted the dryer vent to be replaced with smooth sheetmetal over the standard PVC flex pipe. Isabelle had a great time playing with the dogs and going shopping, but Jeannie had a really tough time visiting the house. I went through this a few weeks back. The hard truth about what we are leaving behind and the difference in what you get for the money in VA v.s. PA came to light.
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