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Safa Ryan Homayoon

Nickname: Safacles

From: I’m a vagabond planting my roots here in Nashville. I was born in Montreal, and have lived in San Fran, England, Atlanta and New York.

Title / Position: Chief Operating Officer

Favorite website: techcrunch.com and digg.com

Favorite food: Cheese and fruit

Favorite Cliché: The nerdy guy than likes sci fi

Favorite Movie: Robin Hood the Cartoon

Favorite Quote: “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.”

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: Safacles, as with all IM clients

One thing you need in Nashville: Taller buildings and programmers

Safa and sami.jpg DSC00222.jpg

Sina Eghrari

From: Shiraz originally, Atlanta more recently

Title / Position: Chief Architect- Team M & management team

Favorite website: youtube.com

Favorite food: sushi

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: Seenz09

One thing you need in Nashville: I need a new car


Dale Liszka

From: Pittsburgh, by way of DC

Title / Position: I stack things on top of other things

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: daleatzoi


Jackson Gabbard

Nicknames: Jackson & Cracker, Action Jackson

From: Shawnee, Oklahoma

Title / Position: Web-ish stuff, Team Cyborg

Favorite Quote: "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: zois_action_jackson

One thing you need in Nashville: Patience

100.px 100.px

Katy Jo Schroer

Nickname: KJ and apparently the cat's out of the bag that I am "ducky pie"

From: Atlanta, GA

Title / Position: I’m the Team XO Project Manager and well I’m on team xo

Favorite Quote: Irregardless

Favorite Food: crab Rangoon

Favorite Website: flickr and craigslist

One thing you need in Nashville: A babysitting job during the weeknights & a good vet

200.px 200.px

Gokhan Demirtas

Nickname: Goky

From: Istanbul/TURKEY

Title / Position: Team Matrix, I do frontend development and graphic design for ZOI

Favorite website: youtube

Favorite food: Alexander kebab

Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind

Favorite Quote: SSDD

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: imamhotep

One thing you need in Nashville: a bike


Lee Lane

From: born in Utah, raised in Idaho, moved to Oregon and then to Nevada

Title / Position: I assist Michael Calderone

Favorite Food: LOVE popcorn, hot fudge sundaes and seafood

Favorite Movie: Somewhere in Time; Always; Ghost; The Holiday

Favorite Quote: "Fear only takes what energy you give it - so, don't give it any!"

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: lee_lane841

One thing you need here in Nashville: Free air fare so I can come and visit!

Stacy Nartker

From: Kalida, OH

Title / Position: Team Operations - PR

Favorite Food: steak

Favorite Website: Facebook

Favorite Movie: Seven

Favorite Quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” -Thoreau

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: stacynartker

One thing you need in Nashville: a better social life


Dave Ituru

From: Mars

Title / Position: Team M

Favorite Website: foxnews.com

Favorite Movie: Beavis and Butthead(do America)

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: lasgiddy_555

One thing you need in Nashville:


Rodger Maarfi

Nickname: rodger dodger, or marf dog. Though no one has used this since high school, proving once again that "highschool is the best time of your life" is a huge lie.

Where you are from: Hendersonville, or Chicago, depending how far back you go.

Title / Position: Developer, Team A

Favorite Quote: There aren't enough O's in smooth to describe how smooth I am.

Favorite Movie: Though I'm burned out on martial arts flicks now, Jackie Chan's Who Am I?

Favorite Game: Starcraft. Not on the list, but if there is a favorite movie entry, there should be a favorite game entry.

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: rmaarfi@yahoo.com

One thing you need in Nashville: someone to play racquetball with. Also, bring back the liquid lounge. It was the only decent club near 2nd avenue.

note: all but one of these entries is false

Carol Rudi

From: born and raise in Wisconsin--love baseball, go Twins and Diamondbacks

Title / Position: I assist Michael Calderone and everyone else

Favorite Food: Chinese and mexican

Favorite Movie: Grease--kind of ages me

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: carol_rudi2000

Jeff Spear

Jason April

Email: Jason@zoitec.com & Jason@tournamentgames.com

Nickname: Brooklyn, thats a shocker huh?

From: Brooklyn, NY

Title / Position: Director of Business Development

Favorite Quote: "Be the Ball" and "It's not who you are beneath, it's what you do that defines you"

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Website: ESPN, Chase and Bank of America... As RD said " Nothing is Something" :)

AIM: Dirtysquirrel99 Yahoo: mrjapril23

April Family 1150.jpg

Rick Culpepper

Real name: Henry Royce Culpepper, III. Yes, I'm from the South (see below). No, I am not the heir to a plantation fortune. "Rick" is a derivation of my legal name: ((Henry+Royce)/3)*(Culpepper^0.5) = Rick. See? That was easy, wasn't it?
Nicknames: Rick, Sable, Hollywood, Rock, Honey, Baby, Daddy... I'll answer to just about anything. Just don't call me late for dinner!
Born in Jackson, Mississippi, I consider myself a native Nashvillian. I was raised here, then moved away to the wastelands of Texas during college (Waco) and for 15 years afterwards (Dallas area), but I returned to the Middle Tennessee in 1996 -- never to leave again.
Title / Position
Something to do with Software Development. Not sure which team yet, but I did hear mention of TG on Friday. Lebanon is gonna be a long drive from Franklin... oh, well, more time on the bike. No complaints here!
Favorite website
Rick Rocks On
H.O.G. chapter
Harley Forums
Favorite Food
Um... all of them??? LOL! OK, if I have to choose a short list...
sushi - Omikoshi in Cool Springs
Greek - Athens Family Restaurant on 8th Avenue north of Thompson Lane
dead pig! - pork chops, pork loin, bacon, sausage... I could go on, but...
Red Velvet Cake - 'nuf said...
Favorite Cliché
Always take your unfair share of the available resources.
Favorite Movie
Existo. Made in Nashville, by Nashvillians. Jim Varney's last film.
Favorite Quote
”At 42, I was the answer to life, the universe and everything. Now, I'm all that... and a side of fries!"
Yahoo Instant Messenger Name
One thing you need in Nashville
Somebody to keep the cagers off their cell phones in traffic. Geez! _Note_: motorcyclists generally refer to enclosed vehicles as "cages". So, a "cager" is someone in an enclosed vehicle, in this case, more specifically the driver.

Kelly Hedrick

Nickname: Mommasita, Gabby, Cruise Director

Where you are from: Whitby Ontario [Grew up in Detroit, lived for a while in Oregon]

Title / Position: Human Resources Manager

Favorite Quote: "Always look on the bright side of life." -- Monty Python

Favorite Movies: Casablanca, Harvey, Little Miss Sunshine, Scent of a Woman, the list goes on and on

Favorite TV Shows: I don't own a TV, but we rent the Simpsons, King of the Hill and The Family Guy sometimes

Favorite Foods: Middle Eastern, Italian, Greek, Thai, Mexican, Southern

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: khedrickca

Troy Foster

Where you are from: Deleware/PA area.

Title / Position: QA Manager

Favorite Quote: "It's psychotic. They keep coming up with ways to celebrate mediocrity." - Robert Parr (Mr. Incredible)

Favorite Foods: Mexican food and cheeseburgers

Favorite Diversion: endurance cycling, mountain biking

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: troyef

Two things Nashville Needs: more bike lanes and amtrak

His Blog : Unpredictability

Steven Warren

Nickname: Stink

From: Nashville, TN

Title / Position: Marketing Design Coordinator

Favorite website: washingtonpost.com

Favorite food: Purity Ice Cream Sandwiches

Favorite movie: Goonies

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: stevenc1015

One thing you need in Nashville: winning football team

Poonam Bapat

From: Originally from India, now in Nashville, TN

Title / Position: .Net Developer

Favorite website: youtube.com

Favorite TV Show: Everybody Loves Raymond

Favorite food: Thai, Indian, Mexican

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: poonamb1007

Paul Couture

Nickname: bonked

Title / Position: Designer & Part-time Linux Guru

Favorite Quote(s):

  • "Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have" - Thomas Jefferson
  • "The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases." - Thomas Jefferson

Favorite Movies:

  • Clerks ("He finally made it... but at what a price.")
  • Silence of the Lambs ("Say are you about a size 14?")
  • JFK ("An enigma.. an enigma wrapped in a riddle..." and how do you not love that wig?!)

Favorite Game: Does spider solitaire count? What about chutes and ladders?

Yahoo IM Name: paul_j_couture

One thing you need in Nashville: 28 hour days?

Paul c and jim norton.jpg

Michael Islek

Former ZOI Team

Lauren Sicner

From: Alpharetta, GA

Title / Position: Marketing Administrator

Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes

Favorite Website: Facebook

Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy

Favorite Quote: "My goal in life is to be as GREAT of a person as my dog thinks I am"

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: lauren_zoitec

One thing you need in Nashville: Titans tickets and my family!!

N9430002 33112232 5935.jpg

  • 1. Where did your name come from? first & middle name - Lauren-not sure Carmel-mygrandmother
  • 23. FAVORITE SMELLS? my dog, my parent's house, and flowers
  • 26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? college football
  • 36. FAVORITE DESSERT? cookie cake
  • 42. FAVORITE SOUND(s)? rain, violin, laughter, and waves

Adam Doochin

From: Nashville, TN

Title / Position: IT and Facilities, on team Tech Ops

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: adam_doochin

One thing I need in Nashville: Err... nothing, really. To win the lottery?


Mat Culpepper

Nickname(s): MatMan, Dude Photos: Flickr

Born in Nashville, TN.
Title / Position
Something to do with Operations and Databases...
Favorite website
Flickr Photo Sharing
Favorite Food
sushi - Rikka Newmarket in New Zealand
Favorite Movie
Existo. Made in Nashville, by Nashvillians. Jim Varney's last film. You don't have to agree that it is great, but you do need to see it!
Favorite Quote
”I don't do ups... Sit ups, push ups... ups defy gravity... gravity is a law... I obey the law... I do downs... sit down, chow down, boogie down...." - John Pinette
Yahoo Instant Messenger Name
One thing you need in Nashville
Better public Transportation. I realize it will take time to build it, but in the mean time, can we get a better bus system, or use the existing rail for Pete's sake?

Kerry Woo


Nickname: "WonderDawg" or sometimes from the Mrs: "Wong Way Woo"

Where you are from: Washington, DC [via Richmond, VA, Atlanta, GA and briefly in Chapel Hill, NC]

Title / Position: Marketing Manager

Favorite Quote: "Preach the gospel everyday; if necessary use words." --St. Francis of Assissi

Favorite Movies: Waterboy, Terminator 2, Kill Bill 1 & 2

Favorite TV Shows: 24, Survivor, The Office, My Name is Earl

Favorite Foods: Chinese and Mothership BBQ

Favorite Sport: NFL Football, Dallas Cowboys & Tennessee Titans

Favorite Saying: "Tell me your name again?"

Favorite Games: Monopoly or Bejeweled on a Palm PDA

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: woodawg777

One thing you need in Nashville: a big backyard with a gas grill and GPS for getting around.

[1]The Gadgeteer of the Month

Alex Sellink

Nickname: Slinky

From: Amsterdam

Title / Position: Director of Software Engineering

Favorite website: http://www.gameknot.com

Favorite food: Anything, as long as I don't have to cook it myself

Favorite Movie: Team America

Favorite Quote: “There's nothing wrong with that girl that 50,000 volts wouldn't fix”

One thing you need in Nashville: Stricter rules about carrying ID

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: alexsellink


Wayne Ramprashad

Nickname: Wayner

From: Canada

Title / Position: Tech-Dev

Favorite Website: yahoo.com and www.theramprashads.com

Favorite Food: pizza

Favorite Saying: how's it goin' eh?

Favorite Movie: The Wall, Mars Attacks, Pulp Fiction

Favorite Quote: "Pain is just weakness leaving the body"

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: world_of_wayne and wayneramp

One Think you need in Nashville: A decent rock radio station

Wayner halloween face.jpg Twist face.jpg

Paul W. Roach III

From: All over, but mainly Northern VA

Title / Position: Director of Operations, responsible for managing the Ops team (Joey, Adam, and myself). Ops manages all of the phones and telecom systems, networks, servers, desktops, and applications.

Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: roachmotel3

One Think you need in Nashville: Free Time

Headshot.jpg Paulandturtle.jpg

Ankit Sharma

Nickname: Banku (don't tell anyone..it is kindda funny :) )

From: Punjab, India

Title / Position: I am the Project Manager for Pocket Party and QA for all Zoi Products. I am on Team Matrix.

Favorite website: www.orkut.com

Favorite food: Indian and Mexican

Favorite movie: The Gladiator

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: ankit_sharmaa_a1technology

One thing you need in Nashville: A girl !! hahaa...i have everything. But i am always short of JD (Jack Daniels)


Jeannie Ramprashad

From: Born in China and resided in Canada from 1989 to 2000 and reside in US from 2000 on

Title / Position: Team B. Developing Social Monitor and Zebra Games

Favorite Food: Sushi and chips

Favorite TV shows: 24, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, American Idol, and Ugly Betty

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: jeannie_qi

One thing you need in Nashville: More time


Isabelle Ramprashad

From: Born in Virginia

Title / Position: Play and eat chicken nuggets happy meal

Favorite Food: gummy bears, chicken nuggets, fries, and coke

Favorite TV shows: Little Einstein, Dora the Explora, and Go Diego Go

Favorite Movies: Shrek, Finding Nemos, and Stuart Little

Favorite Quote: I do it by myself!

One thing you need in Nashville: playmates

200.px 200.px

Terry Anderson

Nickname: "Hey, you!!"

Where you are from: Minnesota [explains the accent, doesn't it?] via California via Washington via Kentucky

Title / Position: QA Manager

Favorite Quote: "When you point your finger 'cuz your plans fell through, you got three more fingers pointing back at you." --Dire Straits

Favorite Movie: Heat

Favorite Saying: "No matter where you go, there you are."

Favorite Game: Golf

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: terand1967@yahoo.com

One thing you need in Nashville: smart-assed drinking buddies

Michael Guess

Nickname: Guess

From: Moved back to Tennessee last year from Chicago

Title / Position: My title is Director of Marketing but what i DO is try to annoy Safa as much as humanly possible without being terminated :) (Team XO - I think?)

Favorite Website: bostonredsox.com and theonion.com

Favorite Food: bacon (mmmmm... bacon!)

Favorite cliche': You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

Favorite Movie: Sunset Boulevard

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: michaellguess

Thing(s) I need in Nashville: Major League Baseball and Chicago-style pizza

Boston Red Sox Logo.gif

Gary Marcos

From: The Bay Area (near San Francisco)

Title / Position: Project Manager / ScrumMaster

Favorite website: www.google.com

Favorite food: Vegetarian Dutch Indonesian (hard to find outside of Amsterdam)

Favorite quote: "Untested code is broken code!"

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: zoi_gary

One thing you need in Nashville: My family - They are in the process of packing up the house in preparation for moving to Nashville

Joey Gootee

Nickname: Joey Modus

From: Los Angeles

Title / Position: Ops and Music All teams

Favorite Website: itunes.com

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Movie: Another Brick in the Wall

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: joeygootee

One thing you need here in Nashville: I need music... Thats why I'm here...


Amy Akin

From: Nashville, TN

Favorite TV show: Grey's anatomy

Favorite Website: MySpace

Title / Position: Team Ops-Marketing

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: amyatzoi

One thing you need in Nashville: Better looking men

100.px 100.px

Jithendra Kumar

Nickname: g2

Where you are from: Indian

Title / Position: Flash Programming,Team X

Favorite Quote: What you put in is what you get :)

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: Jithendra_kumar_a1technology@yahoo.com

One thing you need in Nashville: A girlfriend :)) :)) :))

100.px 100.px

Mike Burrage


Where you are from: Massachusetts and Upstate New York

Title / Position: Software Developer

Favorite Quote: "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." - Steven Wright

Favorite Movies:

  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  • Hard Boiled
  • Dumb and Dumber

Favorite Game: Gran Turismo 3

Yahoo Instant Messenger Name: zoimikeb

One thing you need in Nashville: a bike

100.px - you made me do this mike

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